Categories of giving

All donations are welcome, no matter how small. Patrons, Sponsors, and Friends periodically receive premiums that may include concert CDs and DVDs and are listed in the concert program booklet.

The minimum contribution that can be made through nycharities.org is $10.

Patron  $350 or more
Sponsor  $175-$349
Friend $75-$174
Donor $25-$74

MGC is
a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are tax deductible.


The Mendelssohn Glee Club was able to reach its historic 150th-year milestone in 2016 in large part because of supporters like you. If you attended a recent concert and have not yet had the opportunity to contribute to MGC, we'd like you to know that your financial help is still welcome and appreciated.

To donate by check, please contact Edward Darnall for the postal address (click here).  

Special Donations, Endowments, and Bequests
William Aubin Endowment
(to fund honoraria for guest artists)

Conductors Club

Thomas A. Larremore Fund

Morgan Stanley

Mrs. Jean Twining
(bequest in memory of Geoffrey Twining)

Dr. & Mrs. Abdel A. Ammoumi
Elizabeth Anderson & Joseph C. Mahon
Cynthia & Steve Armstrong
Lillie & Christopher Butler
Anne & Edward C. Darnall
Dr. Seckin Dervish
Carolyn Duignan & Milan Valuch
Jayne & Martin P. Edelman
Linda Edgerly
Susan & Walter Epstein
Ellen K. Farren
Richard L. Farren
Ellen Levine
John Memmolo
Sharon & Jack Mendelson
Barbara & Richard Merzon
Marie & Jerry Merzon
Stan Nevins
S. Keith Outlaw
Rev. Warren C. Platt
Jon Pohlmann
Ben Rinzler
Victoria & Jack Willoughby
Dr. & Mrs. George Wisoff


Michael A. Boyd
Rosemarie M. Foley
Genevieve & Michael S. Griffin
George Richvalsky
Richard M. Sincerbeaux
Tamara & Gerald Weintraub
Eileen E. Willenborg & Jane Melnick

Merryl & Charles M. Zegar


Ronit Aviv
Corinne M. Berezuk
Walter F. Bottger
Joanne & Leonard I. Brumberg
Paul A. Dunphy
David Evans
Walter Florimont
Judith & Samuel C. Florman
Elizabeth S. Gerber
Ingrid Goodman
Lourdes Gotauco
Francoise Helmke
John P. Hetland
Ms. Trinidad (Trini) Hidalgo
Martin Hollander
Marie F. Linder
Lawrence I. Konstan
Kathleen & William A. Lathrop
Rev. John T. Meehan
John T. Moran
Cliff Narbey
Rebecca & Dr. Walter L. Nieves
Sigourney B. (Ron) Romaine, Jr.
Phillis Roth
John E. Rothschild

 in 2016 the Club celebrated its 150th anniversary